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Skate Sensation Danny Way Wows in “Waiting for Lightning” Documentary – UPDATE-Blu-Ray Landing March 5 (Video)

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Skateboarding pioneer Danny Way is to skating what Laird Hamilton and Tommy Carroll are to big wave surfing, they go where none have gone before, and are willing to create elements to their sport that never existed previously.

This documentary, “Waiting for Lightning,” as you can see from the trailer below, will give you shivers. It’ll have you holding your breath, praying for Way’s health whether you know the results of his efforts or not. What’s great also about this flick is how it goes into Way’s background, his quiet successes evidence of endeavors taken to prove to himself that he matters, even when the odds were way against his even getting started in the sport.

The film was released in December, and now you’ve the opportunity to pick up the Blu-Ray Combo Pack from First Run Features, which includes the following special features!

Special Features
• Seven Videos including: X Games Featurette, Kauai MegaRamp with Laird Hamilton & Jake Brown, Woodward MegaDay, Chronicles of Gnarly & Tribute to Mike Temasky
• Six Deleted Scenes
• Interview with Director Jacob Rosenberg

Check out the video, and some pics below:

Images courtesy of Samuel Goldwyn Films.