Sir Sean Connery is in Sonoma as… Sir Billi?

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No stranger to making the letter ‘s’ sound like it’s being shlurped through a shtraw, the inimitable Sir Sean Connery has been laying low the past few years, popping up at the Bahamas International Film Festival, golfing, and generally living the life of the retired cinematic shuper-shpy that he is.

For those of you wanting to see what he’s up to – take a drive up to Sonoma today to catch the premiere of “Sir Billi” – an animated jaunt to which Sir Sean lent his vocal prowess.

Here’s Sir Sean’s ‘Sir Billi’ in a familiar Bond-worthy vehicle:

The film’s U.S. premiere is part of the Sonoma International Film Festival currently taking place through Sunday night in the heart of California’s wine country, where the mascot is named “Tipsy,” and the water coolers flow freely with the finest pinot noir (Envolve, Acacia, Chateau St. John, etc, poured by none other than “The Bachelor’s” Ben Flajnik).

In short, one of the most fantastic places to harbor filmmakers for a few days.

Indie film icon John Waters is also up in Sonoma for the fest, performing his one-man show alongside a screening of “This Filthy World,” and Celebs.com’s Elliot Kotek hosted a tribute last night to 80s legend, and all around nice guy¬†Christopher Lloyd, who, in addition to his work alongside Jack Nicholson in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” “Goin’ South,” and “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” is responsible for two of the most beloved media characters of all time – “Back to the Future’s” Doctor Emmett Brown, and “Taxi’s” Reverend Jim Ignatowski.

Christopher Lloyd (“‘Chris’ is fine,” he tells us) was present for the world premiere of Greg Garthe’s first feature film, “Last Call,” which co-stars Ryan Hansen (“Veronica Mars”), Travis van Winkle (“Transformers”), “American Reunion’s” Tara Reid and a cast of familiar character actors.

So, if you’re looking for a familiar voice, that soothing, Scottish brogue of a former espionage legend, the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wine, the answer is blowing in the wine. (Too punny? Yeah, probably, it’s the wine talkin’).