Britney’s Ex-Bodyguard Claims She’s Literally “Toxic”

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You could throw a rock and hit ten people who would do almost anything for some sexual advances from pop princess Britney Spears. But her former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, is not one of them.

Flores is currently suing Spears for a staggering $10 million, claiming that the singer took his title of bodyguard a little too literally, and constantly sexually harassed him.

Radar was able to unearth some of the legal documents involved in the case, and some of Flores’s allegations are… um… colorful.

He states: “Defendant Spears was mentally unstable, and personally obnoxious and demanding, requiring her staff on various occasions and for no rationally discernible reasons to address her as “Jennifer” or “Queen Bee,” on other occasions, Defendant Spears would cut her hair in an erratic fashion, leaving uneven and bald spots on her head.

“Spears had obnoxious personal habits, such as chain smoking cigarettes, which made her smell continually of stale tobacco.

“She broke wind or picked her nose unselfconsciously and unapologetically before Plaintiff (Flores) and others and she was constantly and gratuitously loud and profane in her speech.

“She did not bathe for days on end, did not use deodorant, did not brush her teeth, did not fix her hair, did not wear shoes or socks.”

TMZ asked Britney’s people about the allegations, and the singer has three words on the matter: “He’s a liar.”

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