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Shay Mitchell Skydives to Fight Sex Trafficking

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Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell might play a “Pretty Little Liar” on TV but she’s anything but in real life. The actress is using her position to shine a spotlight on sex trafficking.

Mitchell hopes to help project 18for18 raise $50,000 to combat the fight against this global epidemic. By doing so, they will help the Somaly Mam Foundation Project Rescue provide financial support to rescue missions in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. In order to achieve this, the actress is willing to jump out of an airplane 18,000 feet in the air.

“Our goal is to make sure that no woman or child ever reaches out for help, and can’t receive it because of lack of funding,” she said. “One day, one jump, one goal, Will you help us?”

To help Mitchell and project 18for18 reach their goal, you can visit her page here.

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