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Screenbid.com to Auction Off Screen-Used ‘Breaking Bad’ Items

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Want the Aztec that Walter White drove in “Breaking Bad”? You’re in luck. Screenbid.com will auction off many screen-used items from “Breaking Bad” when the show ends next week.

Among the other items on offer are Tuco’s grill (which starts at $2,500), Skyler White’s Jeep (starting at $7,125), the inscribed copy of “Leaves of Grass” White owns ($3,000), and Jesse Pinkman’s watch from Seasons 3 and 4 ($100).

“Everything that Screenbid.com has is screen used, so Sony guarantees that these were the items that were used in the show,” promised Joshua Weinstein, the chief creative officer at Screenbid. “I’ve gotta tell you, it’s been so much fun going in and looking at all these important pieces from the show; things that really resonate with me and I figure if they resonate with me, they’ve gotta be resonating with some of the fans, as well.”

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