Samuel L. Jackson is the Highest-Grossing Actor of All Time

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Samuel L. Jackson is the highest-grossing actor of all time — officially. The Guinness Book of World Records certified the gross earnings from the prolific actor’s movies at a stratospheric $7.42 billion. The 62-year-old’s filmography is so extensive — he’s appeared in over 100 films — that it has its own Wikipedia page.

Despite his billions, Jackson remains humble, citing his upbringing as the driver of his success. “I grew up in a working-class family,” he explained. “When I was a kid, all the adults in my house got up and went to work every day. I assumed that’s what grown people do. That’s what I do. I just happen to have a very interesting job that’s kind of cool!”

What is your favorite Samuel L. Jackson movie? Are you surprised that he is the highest-grossing actor of all time?

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