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Sam Riley Covers Bullett Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Sam Riley in Bullett Magazine

Actor Sam Riley sat down with Bullett magazine for their winter issue. Riley satiated all of us by answering questions about his mega-famous co-stars Kristen Stewart and Angelina Jolie.

As for Stewart, Riley admitted, “What I have to say isn’t newsworthy, but what I have to say about Kristen or Angelina is newsworthy, which is weird. And sometimes you say something that doesn’t translate, and you read it and think, I sound like such an arrogant twat, but I was f–king joking.”

He continued, “At 19, I think I would have wanted to be that famous, but now that I’m older and settled I wouldn’t like it at all. Actually, I wouldn’t mind the money.”

The actor also spoke about working with Jolie. “They said, ‘Angelina is ready,’ and all I could see was the back of her head with these huge horns on it. I thought, F–king hell! What am I supposed to do?”

Read more with Riley in the latest issue of Bullett, available now.

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