Ryan Reynolds Splits from Charlize Theron

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Ryan Reynolds is reportedly looking to get back with ex Scarlett Johansson, and it turns out that there might be a shred of truth to those rumors, because he’s split from his most recent lady love, the exquisitely beautiful Charlize Theron.

We first caught wind of Rylize’s existence last month, but a source tells Us Weekly that they’re over, practically before they even began.

“He only wanted something casual, but she’s in a rush to settle down, have kids and start a family since she’s getting older,” the spy said. “[Charlize] didn’t take it very well when he broke it off. She knows deep down that it wouldn’t have worked, but she is pretty bummed out about it all.”

This story is terribly confusing, considering recent rumors about how Scarlett and Ryan broke up because she didn’t want children.

It’s not like either of them are going to be single for long!

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