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Ryan Gosling to Take a Break From Acting

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ryan gosling taking a break from acting

Ryan Gosling has decided to take a break from the limelight. The actor says he is long overdue for a break from making movies.

“I’ve been doing it too much,” Gosling said in a recent interview. “I’ve lost perspective on what I’m doing. I think it’s good for me to take a break and reassess why I’m doing it and how I’m doing it. And I think this is probably a good way to learn about that. I need a break from myself as much as I imagine the audience does.”

In the meantime, Gosling will be making his directorial debut in “How to Catch a Monster.”

But not to worry, Gosling fans. You can still catch him in his upcoming movie, “The Place Beyond the Pines.” In the film, Gosling plays a tattooed, motorcycle-riding member of a traveling circus who turns to bank robbery to support his family.

“I said to [director Derek Cianfrance], ‘I got to lose this face tattoo. It’s the worst. It’s so distracting and it’s going to ruin everything,’” Gosling said of his character. “And he said, ‘Well, I’m sure that’s how people with face tattoos feel. So now you have to pay the consequences of your actions.’”

The Place Beyond the Pines hits theaters on March 29.


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