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Russell Brand is Throwing a Party and Katy Perry’s Parents are Invited

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Russell Brand, photo by Eva Rinaldi

It’s been a decade since Russell Brand was the victor in his fight with heroin. Who better to help him celebrate than his ex-wife’s devoutly religious parents?

Brand will spare no expense celebrating this most important milestone in his life. The actor/comedian is 10 years sober and will celebrate with a large sober bash at his Los Angeles home. He will fly in friends, family and fellow members of the treatment center he attended to rid himself of his addictive lifestyle.

Though Brand and his pop star bride Katy Perry split up in December of 2011, with their divorce being finalized in July of this year, he has remained close to Perry’s parents, Keith and Mary Hudson. They have kept in touch despite the circumstances, and one thing is for sure: it’s a breath of fresh air to see a real, authentic connection in Hollywood. Congratulations go out to Russell Brand on this commendable occasion.

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