Robin Williams Gives Eddie Murphy Oscar Hosting Advice

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Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams

Robin Williams recently gave Eddie Murphy some sound Oscar advice to help the “Norbit” funnyman prepare for his hosting gig at the upcoming 84th Academy Awards: play as many characters as possible.

Marc Malkin of E! interviewed Williams during the press events for “Happy Feet Two,” and the comedian had this advice to share:

“I say, ‘Eddie, be as many characters as you can be,’” said Williams. “Anytime he does somebody else, he kills it. If he does anything as funny as the ‘Nutty Professor’ in one of those opening videos and if they let him become other people, he will destroy. He’s so good, man. He’s brilliant… It’s getting that first laugh. Billy [Crystal] said it, ‘Once you get the first laugh, you smell blood and it’s off and running.’”

Robin Williams knows what it’s like to cohost the Oscars: he did so in 1986 alongside Jane Fonda and Alan Alda. That year, “Out of Africa” won the Best Picture award.

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