What’s with the Hair, Robert Pattinson?

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Imagine Kim Kardashian without her booty, Michael Douglas without his cleft, or Angelina Jolie without her lips. It’s tough to picture someone without their defining feature, which is why Twilight fans’ jaws dropped at Comic Con yesterday when they got an eyeful of Robert Pattinson without his trademark wild mane.

R-Pattz sat on the panel for Twilight: Breaking Dawn alongside costars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, and his bizarre new haircut-shorn close on one side, touseled on the other–had Twihards puzzled.

Nope, it’s wasn’t a drunken prank or a bad trip to a barber. R-Pattz is simply sporting the cut for a scene in Cosmopolis, the David Cronenberg thriller he’s currently filming.

Hope it grows out soon, because this ‘do is a definite don’t.


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