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Rob Lowe Talks Playing John F. Kennedy

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rob lowe killing kennedy

Rob Lowe plays John F. Kennedy in the upcoming “Killing Kennedy.” The film is based on the bestseller by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, which chronicles Kennedy’s final years leading up to his assassination.

“Every president today talks like him,” Rob Lowe said during a press event for the movie. “They’re all like bad actors who do variations on that performance. … If we were in a corner I could do every [modern] president’s version of imitating President Kennedy.”

Lowe was actually not born yet when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, but the actor says he has always had a fascination with the former president.

“I’ve been following the Kennedy assassination since I was in the first or second grade,” he said. “I’ve read every conspiracy assassination book… I’ve come around to thinking [the Warren Commission] got it right — that Oswald acted alone.”

Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Marina Oswald in the film, said watching Lowe play Kennedy was a bit surreal.

“The first time I saw Rob in character, I was speechless. … Rob was doing the speech, and before I saw his face, I heard his voice, and I literally felt like I was there watching the president in that  moment. … He gave me tingles from nailing that voice.”

Killing Kennedy air on the National Geographic Channel this November.

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