RiRi Breaks Billboard Record – Celebs.com Lists Rihanna’s Top 5 Music Videos

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Rihanna certainly found the love of the Billboard charts with her new single “We Found Love,” which has become her longest running single at number one (bypassing Adele‘s seven week hold earlier in the year).

Now, with eight weeks at number one, Rihanna has fortified another mega accomplishment in her career beating the number of weeks she had with her previous hits, 2007′s “Umbrella” and 2010′s “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Eminem.

Earlier this year, Rihanna managed to dethrone the Queen of Pop, Madonna, when she racked up twenty Top 10 hits on the Billboard Charts in the span of six years and nine months when her single “We Found Love” hit number one.

The only other artist rivaling RiRi is Mariah Carey.

It looks like the beauty is well on her way to being one of the most prolific pop artists of this generation, which makes for the perfect opportunity to list Rihanna’s Top 5 Music Videos:

5. “Don’t Stop The Music”

Don’t Stop The Music” solidified Rihanna as a rising star in pop music, the music video took us on the journey of a young girl and her friends who simply wanted to get to the club and dance.  Her girlish charm, incredible hooks and unwavering ability to seduce the camera with her eyes, make this a must-watch video.

4.  “S&M”

This saucy, sexy music video gave Rihanna a chance to exercise her inner sex goddess, proving once and for all that she really is a good girl gone bad.  With cameos from Perez Hilton and reporters wearing ball gags, Rihanna made sure when you think of bad girl music videos, “S&M” is the first to come to mind.

3.  “We Found Love” featuring Calvin Harris

We Found Love” is the single that catapulted Rihanna into the ranks of mega-artistry alongside Mariah Carey and Madonna. When the track hit number one, “We Found Love” made RiRi the female musician the fastest to rack up twenty number one hits.

2.  “Russian Roulette”

Russian Roulette” is one of Rihanna’s most controversial music videos, breaching the subject of her highly publicized abusive relationship with former beau Chris Brown.  The video & song tell the story of a woman who knows that if she doesn’t value her own life, the relationship she’s in will be the end of her.  The dark nature of the video catapulted Rihanna past her previous renown for catchy dance anthems.

1.  “Umbrella” featuring Jay-Z

Umbrella” was the music video that cemented Rihanna’s superstar status. The track features her mentor, Jay-Z, and the incredible umbrella dancing scenes made this video the first on many fan’s minds.