Ridley Scott’s Prometheus Trailer Released with Charlize Theron, Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender

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Sci-fi legend Ridley Scott (“Aliens,” “Blade Runner”) has released his trailer for “Prometheus,” a film in which a team of explorers fight for a future for mankind. Starring Charlize Theron (“Monster,” “Young Adult”), Noomi Rapace (“The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”), Michael Fassbender (“X-Men: First Class,” “A Dangerous Method”), Patrick Wilson (“Little Children,” “Hard Candy”), “The Wire’s” Idris Elba and “Memento’s” Guy Pearce, the early attention for the film must be maintained until its release in June 2012.

Check out the gallery of images we posted for the film earlier this month, and the Official Trailer for the film right here:

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