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Rider Strong May Guest Star on ‘Girl Meets World’

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rider strong girl meets world

Rider Strong might be reprising his role as Shawn Hunter from the iconic “Boy Meets World” series. Disney Channel is producing a spinoff of the show called “Girl Meets World,” which will follow Cory and Topanga’s daughter. While Strong will not be returning as a cast member, he might return as Shawn Hunter one more time.

“I feel like I should show up at some point and finish the storyline,” Strong said. “We’ve been talking. I just want it to be done right. I really want it to be classy and good. I want it to be something that makes the fans proud.”

The actor added that if he was to appear again, the storyline should stick to the old script — with Shawn getting into trouble and pulling Cory along for the ride.

“We’ve talked about it a little bit. I think he’s got to be in trouble of some kind and he’s got to pull Cory (played by Ben Savage) into trouble. That’s definitely the way it’s going to be because that’s always how it went,” Strong said. “I’d like to see him happier. I feel like Shawn was destined for tragedy. I mean, gosh, they killed my father, my mother abandoned me, my girlfriend and I broke up at the end of the show. They really just made Shawn’s life hell. It would be good if he’s in trouble but in general is happy.”

Are you excited see “Girl Meets World?”

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