Red Carpet Round-Up: Perfect Match – Sharks and ‘Bachelorette’ Contestants

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“Shark Night 3D” hosted a Swimming with the Sharks Pool Party (also in 3D) at the Shangri-La Hotel in Santa Monica over the weekend.

Somehow, the folks from “Bachelor Pad” (which cannot be used as a flotation device) stole the show, supporting the position that in a game between Reality TV and its cinematic counterpart, truth is always stranger than fiction.

Here are the pics of those with the insatiable media appetite: Vienna “& Jake” Girardi, Kasey “Guard and Protect Your Heart” Kahl, Deanna Pappas, Ames and Melissa… oh, and the “Shark Night” team of Dustin Milligan, Sara Paxton, Alyssa Diaz, Sinqua Walls and Chris Carmack.