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Rebel Wilson Talks Fat Jokes in Hunger Magazine

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Rebel Wilson appears on the cover of Hunger Magazine, and in the accompanying interview she discussed why she’s unafraid of telling fat jokes.

“As long as I look like this, I’m going to make fat jokes,” she said. “You have to use what you’re given to make yourself: if you’re super short, super tall, super skinny, have a super big nose, you’ve got to use that. I like making fun of myself, because it gives me license to make fun of other people; otherwise you just come off way too mean. We have a saying in Australia: if you ‘pay out’ on yourself, you can ‘pay out’ on everyone else. It gives you room to move.”

Ultimately, Wilson says that her message is one of confidence: “I like spreading the message that you can be beautiful and confident whatever shape or size you have.”

Here’s another image of Rebel Wilson from Hunger. Do you find her approach empowering or troubling?

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