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Rebecca Hall is InStyle UK’s Cover Girl (Photo Gallery)

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Rebecca Hall in InStyle UK

Rebecca Hall posed for the cover of InStyle UK to promote the upcoming film “Iron Man 3.”

The actress spoke about her new romance with director Sam Mendes. She explained, “It’s what happens when you start going out with someone famous and are a bit famous yourself, I guess. It’s their problem though. Everyone can be interested but I’m still not going to talk about it.”

It seems like Hall has always tended to keep things to herself. She confessed to InStyle UK, “I was painfully shy as a child, Painfully. To the point where my parents would say, ‘Have you made any friends yet?’” She continued, “It comes back and haunts you at weird times. Rooting for change in my pocket in newsagent, that’s when I get it.”

Read more in the latest issue of InStyle UK, available now.

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