Rainn Wilson Pokes Fun at Paid Tweets

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“The Office” star Rainn Wilson poked fun at the phenomenon of paid tweets yesterday with a trio of Twitter updates that left the Web wondering — even respected tech blogs like Mashable took the bait — whether the actor had committed a major social media faux pas.

In his first tweet, Wilson wrote, “Joanne — tell @DelTaco I will accept $12,000 to plug their shitty food. Thanks, Rainn.” Four minutes later, he tweeted, “Please disregard last tweet — was a private text to my assistant.” And five minutes after that, he wrote, “Loving the new @DelTaco Macho Bellgrande Burrito! It’s Beeftacular(™)!” A screencap of the tweets appears below.

This morning, Mashable clarified its story to confirm that Wilson’s social media exchange was meant as satire. Celebrities can rake in some serious dough for posting promotional tweets: in 2009, Kim Kardashian reportedly made up to $10,000 for each 140-character sponsored post.

Do you think sponsored celebrity tweets have gotten out of hand? Was Rainn Wilson right to poke fun at the phenomenon?



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