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Prince Covers V Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Prince proves he has found the fountain of youth on the cover of V Magazine. The legendary singer talks about the current state of the music industry, which has become one that anyone, talented or not, can become successful in.

“These people are not being satisfied elsewhere by musicians, you feel what I’m saying?” Prince said. “It’s no disrespect to anyone else, because we’re not checking for them. But we don’t lip synch. We ain’t got time for it.”

Being that Prince is how he is, he reveals he lives in his own galaxy, one that others rarely have the opportunity to step into.

“This organization is different than most, in the sense that we don’t take directions from the outside world. It’s like a galaxy. The sun is in the center giving off energy, and everything revolves around it…Nobody really talks to me. Nobody talks to me a lot.”

See more of Prince in V Magazine in the photo gallery below.

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