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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Producer Talks ‘Ravenswood’ Spinoff

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Pretty Little Liars” fans are bracing themselves for the upcoming fourth season and the show’s highly anticipated spinoff, “Ravenswood.” The new show will debut on ABC Family in October and “Liars” star Tyler Blackburn (who plays Caleb) will be leaving the drama of Rosewood behind to focus on what lies ahead in neighboring town, Ravenswood.

“It’s been explored on the show that [Caleb] doesn’t really know that much about his past and about his parents,” said Marlene King, executive producer of both shows. “Because of the nature of what ‘Ravenswood’ will be, it felt like he was the best character to take us to that world and explore the mythology that we’re going to explore.”

“Ravenswood” is a town that has been suffering from a curse for many generations. Five strangers (one presumably being Caleb) take it upon themselves to look into the town’s history to break the curse before it’s too late.

“[It'll be] very different [from Rosewood] and you’ll recognize how different it is right away,” King added. “The people are different. It’s a unique city, Ravenswood.”

“Ravenswood” will premiere after the “Pretty Little Liars” annual Halloween episode in October.

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