Eyes Wide Shut: Pressure From Deadbeat Daddy

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Any guesses as to who these blind items might be about? Drop us a line in our comments section.

1. Which former almost A list singer threatened to walk off the show for which she was recently hired, unless she got a raise and top billing? She did this because of a new hire to the show she cannot stand. (CDaN)

2. This new mom is trying to balance her acting career and family life. Right now she is totally enamored with her new baby but her deadbeat baby-daddy is putting incredible pressure on her to go back to work ASAP. He cares little for her feelings as a mother, but is enjoying the large payouts she gets when she does a project. If she has her way, she’d take several years off and spend time with her new addition, but he worries that will pull her off the radar and she won’t be as famous anymore. (BuzzFoto)

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