PHOTO FIX: Last Week-Taylor Lautner. This Week-Gerard Butler!

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Another of the titles receiving a big outing at the Toronto International Film Festival this week is “Machine Gun Preacher,” starring Gerard Butler (“300,” “Rock n’ Rolla,” “Coriolanus”).

The Scottish heart-throb portrays Sam Childers, a troubled former gang member and criminal appalled by the enslavement of children as child soldiers and the other child casualties he witnesses in an East Africa being haunted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).

Childers work in establishing an orphanage, and defending it and its children from a life of disease, starvation and absolute brutality is the stuff of legend, and a perfect story for adapting to the big screen.

Co-starring Michelle Monaghan (“Source Code,” “Gone Baby Gone”) and Oscar-nominee Michael Shannon (“Take Shelter,” “Boardwalk Empire,” “Revolutionary Road”), Butler seems a perfect fit for the irrepressible Childers, and so this week’s gallery is in fair contrast to last week’s Taylor Lautner images.