PETA Celebrity Grinches of 2011: Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson and Cameron Crowe

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kim kardashian

PETA has named its Celebrity Grinches of 2011, or the famous faces that were the most animal-unfriendly, and this year’s dishonorees are Kim Kardashian, Janet Jackson and filmmaker Cameron Crowe.

Kardashian’s offense was wearing fur, and PETA took the opportunity to quip about her failed marriage, writing, “Kim just can’t seem to divorce herself from fur and say ‘I do’ to a kind and kompassionate wardrobe.”

And Jackson’s misstep? Her upcoming fur fashion line with Blackglama. Crowe’s cardinal sin was making “We Bought a Zoo,” which relied heavily on live performing animals instead of computer imaging.

Do you agree with PETA’s Celebrity Grinches of 2011, or is the animal-rights agency right to vilify these figures?

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