Peek at Gerard Butler & Ralph Fiennes in ‘Coriolanus’

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Coriolanus trailer by FilmBoy-gr

Last week, Lionsgate released the “Coriolanus” trailer above, and they sent around the poster below yesterday with an image from the set (also below). Originally written by William Shakespeare for the stage (and performed, most definitely, in 3D), there is no doubt the old Bard predicted a popcorn-friendly big-screen version starring Ralph Fiennes and Gerard Butler going head to head.

Co-starring in the film is Jessica Chastain, whose name you might recall from recent coverage of another five 2011 releases: “The Tree of Life,” “The Help,” “Take Shelter,” “The Debt,” “Wilde Salome” and “Texas Killing Fields.” Chastain is the face of the year, no doubt about it. The only question is, given her supporting roles behind strong men and media-friendly women (Butler, Fiennes, Vanessa Redgrave, Brad Pitt, Emma Stone, Sam Worthington and Al Pacino), whether she’ll be remembered come the end of the year, or whether she will continue to churn out strong performances in relative silence.

The current release date for the film is 2 December, 2011. Okay, one more pic of the lads: