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If you could take the time Anna Nicole Smith staggered up on stage and slurred, “Like my bodddddy?” into a microphone, and then mold those 5 seconds into a person, you’d get Paz de la Huerta. The queen of matching her lipstick to her dress, punching ladies in the maw, and tripping over stuff has done it again, this time at a party at The Bowery Hotel last Thursday. Per E!:

After spending time with some pals at the bar, the actress discovered that a nearby room had been set up to do photo shoots for guests. De la Huerta cut the long line of guests waiting to have their pictures snapped, grabbed a tiara and scepter from the props and proceeded to spread out on the couch where the pictures were being taken.

“Don’t tell me what to do!” she snapped at the photographer, who offered suggestions.

She quickly overstayed her welcome on the couch, however, grinding and rolling around while making faces and adjusting her hemline as a crowd gathered. The actress then pulled a girlfriend to the couch for a steamy girl-on-girl kiss, refusing to leave when lined-up guests began to get irritated.

A tiara, faux lesbian makeout, and booze! The only thing this story is missing is someone saying, “YOU DON’T KNOW ME!!!!”

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