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Will the Pauly D REMIX Cocktail Make the Reality Star Into a Mogul?

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Pauly DPauly D has teamed up with Skinnygirl Cocktails cofounder David Kanbar for REMIX, a signature premade cocktail. The vodka-based flavored beverage is meant for the “pre-game” market, meaning that it’s a drink you’d consume to get a buzz on before you go out for the night.

TMZ reports that buyers snapped up the REMIX cocktail when it was brought to the Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America convention. Pauly D’s signature drink had more sales at that convention than the Skinnygirl Cocktails line had in just under two years, according to TMZ’s sources.

A buyout of the product could be particularly lucrative for Pauly D if it continues to take off: Skinnygirl sold for about $120 million. Do you plan on trying REMIX if you see one in a liquor store near you?

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