Pamela Anderson: Fast Cars & Frogs? – a Celebs.com Original Interview

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by Susan Hornik

Pamela Anderson is one busy woman these days. In addition to being a mom to two teenage sons (with ex husband, rocker Tommy Lee) and an active humanitarian, the sexy actress, who has the distinction of being the most downloaded model on the internet, owns a NASCAR race car team, works with the animal rights group PETA and is now the spokesperson for FrogAds, a free global market place for classifieds and auctions that enables you to post ads, photos and videos.

Q: How did you get involved in starting a racing team?
Pamela Anderson: How incredible is that, right?! My son once said to me, mom, I see you driving an Aston Martin and I was like yea, right! Good luck having that happen! And, now, here it is. I am actually leaving to go to my first race at the end of this month. I love race cars-fast cars and fast women go together!

Q: I know you’ve been asked to endorse a lot of products. What made FrogAds interesting to you?
PA: I have had a lot of offers to do things and the internet has been both my friend and not my friend. So, I thought that I might as well make amends and do something that I think is really good. People are selling the things that they don’t need anymore. In this kind of economic environment, people need to barter and use these kinds of tools. So, that’s part of the success of all these things.  My kids are selling things, too. They are gizmologists, but I’m not very good at things like this, so if I’m going to go to one place, I figure I might as well go to a website that has a little bit of everything, which will make it as easy to figure out as possible.

FrogAds is a one stop shop, like Craigslist for blondes! You can do a little bit of everything. And if I can do it, anybody can do it! They started less than a year ago, and have just gone like gangbusters. There’ve been millions and millions of ads posted. We have a lot of plans in the future to work together and do some really great things. There’s even a way to get jobs, which is fantastic. It’s a great revenue stream for all the humanitarian causes that I have.

Q: What’s the length of the terms of this arrangement you have with the company? Is it long term?
PA: It’s long term, yes. We’ve just been having been conversations about it today. There are so many things happening and this is changing so rapidly and it’s growing so fast. I love the concept and the little frog mascot. The frog and I are in for the long haul! I’m in love with the frog. I’m an animal activist, see?! It all goes together!

Q. Have you auctioned anything off on the site?
PA: I just auctioned off my Ranger Rover on eBay for Haiti, a few months ago, and so I’m going to do something like that here as well. We’ve got a lot planned.

Q. The site has a dating aspect, would you consider using social networking as a way of finding a date?!
PA: Maybe I should! I don’t know since I haven’t gone that way yet! The other relationships ended poorly so I might as well try it out!

Q. How safe is it for kids to be on the internet?
PA: I think as a parent you really have to monitor what your kids look at. The internet is not policed perfectly. You have to be involved with all aspects when it comes to them. You have to be smart in this world. You have access to so many things, the only thing we can teach ourselves is you have to be careful!

I really believe in my kids. They have had a great foundation and have seen the world. They make great choices. I am really fortunate that they have experienced everything as much as they have and they are just really smart, capable children. I am not worried about my kids surfing the internet, I think they are capable of making solid decisions. They are interested in positive things. You can’t be in denial of what life has to offer. I just encourage them. i don’t know how much of a role model their parents are but we have had a lot of fun!

Q. Are you watching Dancing With the Stars this season?
PA: I’m not! I’ve been dancing myself though! I will watch it, soon. That show was so good to me, I loved the fans.

Q. Any advice to the contestants?
PA: Have a lot of fun and do your best. You can amaze yourself. I was never a dancer. I don’t know if I would recommend dancing when you are in your 40s! My body has been suffering a little bit because of that, but in a good way!

Q: You have a recipe in Paul McCartney’s new cookbook.
PA: I love him, great guy! I think I gave him my easy-to-make vegan pancake recipe. I am not a great cook but he asked me to participate and I, of course, was happy to. Paul gave me the first Linda McCartney memorial award. Obviously, he is a great animal activist. Anything he asks me to do I will do. I am always contributing in some form with PETA and other humanitarian efforts.

Q. What is the latest issue you are working on with PETA?
PA: I was just in Istanbul, they have huge stray dog issue there that needs to be addressed. I always encourage people, in whatever country I am in, to spay and neuter their pets. There are so many there that are hurt or abandoned. I have been able to create animal welfare laws and have worked with PETA for over 15 years now and that’s been really great.

Q: Any tips on going vegetarian?
PA: Easy, don’t eat meat! There are all these great studies now about how meat isn’t good for you. I think most people, especially young people, are making different choices with their diets. We can control what is going into our mouths.

Q. Will you ever get back to doing television or film?
PA: I have a lot of really great things in the works. I am really excited. I am rehearsing a lot and am staying in shape. And this next chapter in my life It’s going to take me into a different direction that I never thought I’d go. Big plans!