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One Direction Covers Teen Vogue Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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The members of One Direction are teen dreams on the September 2013 cover of Teen Vogue. The British boy band gets goofy in a photo shoot for the magazine and talk about their low-maintanance tour in the accompanying article.

“We haven’t actually got a rider,” Liam Payne explains of the groups tour demands. “We never actually sat there and made one. They bring us the stuff they think we like. We’re not really that diva.”

Each of the group members came from very humble beginnings and, while it might often seem as though they don’t have any semblance of normalcy left in their lives, most of them still try to do the regular-young-guy things.

Niall Horan shows off his sunburn after spending time outside by a hotel pool. ”I’m not going to be a prisoner in my room—and the fans weren’t intrusive.”

However, fellow band member Zayn Malik prefers when things are a bit more quiet.

“We’re humbled that so many fans have bothered,” he said, adding that he didn’t make it out to the pool that day. “I like to chill somewhere quiet. I get pleasure from the little things in life.”

See more of One Direction in the gallery below.