Olivia Wilde Talks the Value of Smaller Roles in Angeleno Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Olivia Wilde in Angeleno Magazine

In the February 2012 issue of Angeleno Magazine, cover model Olivia Wilde reveals that she’s proud to take smaller roles. “Some people think I’m stupid for taking so many supporting and smaller roles, but I love it,” she said. It reminds me of being in a company of actors, where you might be playing Lady Macbeth in one play and a nameless girl in another; you learn so much.”

Wilde also spoke briefly on politics; you may recall that she campaigned for President Obama in the 2008 election. “It’s much harder to run on the concepts of hope and change,” she admitted when asked if she would support Obama again. “Student loans? Banking reform? People want specifics now, and they deserve them. I’m an advocate of youth participation in politics, and I hope there will be a swell of participation again, but I hope it’s based on actual knowledge of policy.”

Check out more photos of Olivia Wilde by Markus Klinko & Indrani below.

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