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Olivia Munn Sizzles in Vanity Fair (Photo Gallery)

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Olivia Munn in Vanity Fair

Olivia Munn looks absolutely stunning by the poolside. The actress is featured in Vanity Fair’s December 2012 issue.

Munn spoke admiringly about her HBO series “The Newsroom,” by saying, “I think most actors just want the opportunity to do great work. And when you get that chance with people like Sorkin, Soderbergh, Stewart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a comedy or a drama, you just bust your ass and do everything you can to try to do their work justice, never, ever forgetting how lucky you are.”

In addition to her work on big screen films such as “Magic Mike,” Munn has been cast in a guest role on the hilarious Fox sitcom “New Girl.” She appears in a multi-episode arc where she will play a love interest to the bartending, lackadaisical character of Nick.

It’s easy to understand why the actress has been so busy. Read more with Munn in the latest issue of Vanity Fair available now.

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