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Nicholas Hoult vs. Sylvester Stallone – Celebs.com’s WHO WON THE WEEK

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While stocking up on wings for the Super Bowl it looks like people did find time to get to the theaters this weekend. Nicholas Hoult as a zombie who’s smitten by a hottie human in “Warm Bodies” made an impressive $20 million. The other new release, Sylvester Stallone’s actioner “Bullet to the Head,” was just that as it grossed only $4.5 million.

But let’s see if Hoult or Stallone topped our week.

Nicholas Hoult – “Warm Bodies”

Hoult is one of the top young talents in Hollywood today. And acting since he was a kid (remember him in “About A Boy”?) the 23-year-old Brit has seen a lot. He’s also had his fair share of tabloid fodder, like when he was dating fellow “X-Men” star Jennifer Lawrence. But as Hoult told The Daily Beast this past week it’s challenging to have a relationship in Hollywood: “It’s tricky, because you’re all over the place,” he says. “We were shooting ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ for seven months in Namibia, so you’re never really in one place, and when you are, they’re strange places that are difficult to get to. I wouldn’t change it, because you’re very fortunate to travel, meet new people, and embark on these new experiences, but it’s not great for that side of things. But I don’t really worry about that stuff in the press. Storm in a teacup is how I describe it.”

Another topic of discussion this week was Hoult’s impersonator on Twitter. Addressing the impostor to Vulture, he said “It’s not cool. He makes it seem like it’s official. There are actually a lot of people pretending to be me. It’s strange.”

Sorry Nicholas, you’re kind of living the life people want.


Sylvester Stallone – “Bullet to the Head”

Like Arnold Schwarzenegger a few weeks ago with the opening of “The Last Stand,” Sly tried to go back to his action-packed youth to reclaim box office glory, and like Arnold, things didn’t go so well.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Both Stallone and Schwarzenegger have to come to terms that they can’t pull off at the box office what they did a few decades ago. However, with moderate successes like “The Expendables,” there is some fool’s gold involved in this. The ending of the Grantland review of “Bullet to the Head” sums it up perfectly:

The shock of his “Expendables” movies is how seriously they take themselves. They’re farces that don’t know they’re farces. He’s not kidding with those films or with “Bullet to the Head.” There doesn’t appear to be much else Stallone can do with that face (it no longer moves) or that enormous body, whose joints appear in need of oil. In one scene, he leaps for cover and it’s like watching a tree fall.

He might not be too old for this shit. But aren’t we?


And the winner is…

Like this weekend’s box office it’s Hoult with the win. And get ready to see more of him. Putting on the Beast fur for another “X-Men,” starring with Tom Hardy in the upcoming “Mad Max” and playing Jack in the epic 3D of “Jack The Giant Slayer,” the next few years are going to be big for Hoult.