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Nicholas Hoult Covers Evening Standard (Photo Gallery)

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Nicholas Hoult in Evening Standard

Nicholas Hoult appears on the cover of London’s Evening Standard. Inside, he opens up about women and his Hollywood mentor.

Not all of us can call up Colin Firth when we need something, but Hoult can. The actor explained, “I had dinner with him the other night; he’s always the best person to go to for advice.” (What advice?) “You have to take your work seriously, obviously, but you have to also recognize the ridiculousness of it. Colin has had the ups and downs, been through all the actor breakdowns, and he’s very intelligent, so he can see it for what it is.”

Hoult also spoke about growing up in a house full of women. He said, “Well, I’d like to say I gained some sort of understanding of women. I think I can kind of make sense of some of the ways they think. And I guess it makes you more relaxed around girls. You know how guys with brothers are very rough and tumble? Though actually, come to think of it, I did used to fight my sisters occasionally… Until I got bigger, and I thought: “Well, that’s no fun. I can actually win these fights now.” Though they’d probably beat me up still, come to think of it.”

Read more in London’s Evening Standard.

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