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New Rihanna Fragrance Doesn’t Require Clothes

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Rihanna's 'Nude' Fragrance

Rihanna has unveiled her latest project and business endeavor, a fragrance called Nude.

Rihanna explained the name of the fragrance: “It was pretty straightforward. I wanted something that smelled so feminine and sexy that you wanted to wear it nude. And nothing else mattered! It was just all about the fragrance.”

Her advice to her fans? “You only have one life. And one body. And that’s yours! So own it, no matter what. Nobody else can tell you what to do.”

That doesn’t mean the pop diva doesn’t have any insecurities of her own. When asked what body part she wishes she could improve, she said, “Hmm, I wish I had a butt.”

One thing Rihanna wasn’t as forthcoming about was what special man she might be wearing her new fragrance for. She would only say, “Um, yeah! Secrets!”

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