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New Lady Gaga Fame Trailer: Genius or Insanity?

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Lady Gaga's Fame Perfume

‘Fame’ is in the air. Can you smell it? Lady Gaga is launching her new fragrance line, which prides itself on being the first ever “black eau de parfum,” with this over-the-top trailer.

“We thought, Let’s just make the most epic fragrance campaign of all time and let’s not care at all about whether they can even print it or show it on TV,” she said. “Let’s just do everything we ever dreamed of. We basically did this purely for the pleasure of working together. We were just sort of sitting in the corner going, ‘I can’t believe they are letting us do this!’”

Gaga has never been known for holding back or for giving much regard as to what the censors might say. It shows in her latest perfume campaign. Check out the new ad for Fame below.