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‘New Girl’ Actors Tease Schmidt’s Love Triangle in Season 3

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Max Greenfield has found himself in a bit of a love triangle as his character Schmidt on “New Girl.” In the show’s season two finale, Schmidt was forced to choose between his two lady loves, Cece (Hannah Simone) and Elizabeth (Merritt Wever). However, in true Schmidt fashion, he chose to run away (literally) instead of dealing with the issue. Greenfield revealed that his character has a pretty hard decision to make in season three.

“I will say that he cannot decide between the two of them,” Greenfield said.

Simone, understandably so, is rooting for a reunion between Schmidt and her character Cece.

“Cece and Schmidt have this incredible connection. They’ve almost had it right off the bat,” she said. “You think that they’re finally going to be able to have a relationship. They have the foundation of friendship, they have the chemistry, smooth sailing…but Schmidt as he is prone to do screws it up.”

Things got a bit more complicated for Schmidt and Cece when Elizabeth, Schmidt’s college girlfriend showed up. Despite Cece having left her fiance at the alter for Schmidt, he still can’t make a decision while Elizabeth is still around.

“Elizabeth and Schmidt met during college and I think the writers wanted to bring somebody who brought out that side of Schmidt,” Wever said. “The younger one who hadn’t become so career-oriented yet and so physically-obsessed.”

Greenfield says he can’t reveal who his character ultimately chooses, so you’ll just have to wait and see when “New Girl” returns to Fox on September 17.

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