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New ‘Arrested Development’ Episodes Coming in May

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'Arrested Development' (Credit: Fox)

Awesome news for “Arrested Development” fans. Netflix has announced an air date for several new episodes.

May will mark the month that everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family returns. Just don’t call this season four. As Jason Bateman explained, these episodes are simply in place to make room for a feature film. “These are episodes that set that up. It is certainly a satisfying conclusion to these episodes if for some reason a movie doesn’t happen, but they are all meant to work within one another as a hybrid package of ‘Arrested Development’ stuff.”

Creator Mitch Hurwitz chimed in. “The only way we could get everybody for what we will loosely call an anthology was to dedicate each episode to a character’s a point of view.”

Hurwitz continued, “We all started really guarding the material, just to make it fun for the audience.”

What do you think of the return of “Arrested Development?” Are you excited or should they leave well enough alone? Sound off in the comments section below.

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