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Naya Rivera Gambles With Complex Magazine (Photo Gallery)

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Naya Rivera shows off her gambling skills on the cover of Complex magazine. The actress talks about her role as a lesbian cheerleader on “Glee” and her relationship with rapper Big Sean.

“Having gay characters makes a difference, especially when you are a teenager and you need people to look up to,” Rivera said her of “Glee” character Santana Lopez. “Your world feels so small. The tiniest thing can make you think, ‘I’m gonna die!’ I’m glad ‘Glee’ is around for people dealing with something that big in such a small world. It’s important.”

Of her highly publicized relationship with rapper Big Sean, Rivera says she became a fan of his music before the two started dating.

“I knew songs like ‘Ass’ because it was huge, but I never knew what he looked like. If I ran into him, I wouldn’t have known who he was,” she said. “I was with my brother at his senior game in Tennessee and we were in his car going to get dinner. He played ‘Mula’ from Sean’s mixtape and I was like, ‘What is this song? Who is this?’ And he was like, ‘This is Big Sean.’ I said, ‘This is awesome, where do I get this?’”

See more of Rivera has a gambling beauty in the gallery below.

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