More Legal Woes for Lindsay Lohan

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Listen. You won’t find any bigger fans of Lindsay Lohan than all of us here at Celebs. We adore our Mean Girl, which is why it pains us so much to hear stories about her not complying with the conditions of her probation. Cut that out, Lindsay! If you go back to jail, you won’t get cast in any movies and if you’re not cast in any movies, well, we’ll cry.

TMZ says that LiLo has been kicked out of her community service program for failure to comply. She’s required to complete 360 hours at the Downtown Women’s Center in L.A., and so far, she’s allegedly only done a handful… and bailed early on most of the visits.

Similarly, Lindsay has allegedly not been seeing her court-ordered therapist once a week. Last May, the judge in the starlet’s probation case told her that the sessions with the psychiatrist were mandatory. Lindsay says that she’s been too busy with work to visit the shrink, but the judge made it clear: make time or do time.

C’mon, Linds! Do the right thing!

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