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Miranda Kerr & Candice Swanepoel: Victoria’s Secret’s Brunette & Blonde are both Bombshells – a Celebs.com Original Interview

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Under “perfection” in the dictionary, you might well see a picture of sizzling supermodels Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel. Wearing sexy swimwear, the remarkably down to earth duo were poolside at the Thompson Beverly Hills Hotel to chat with Celebs.com about the Victoria’s Secret 2012 SWIM collection. Read on to find out how unaffected they are by fame –and how a lucky guy might woo these graceful runway angels.

Q: What can you tell us about this swimwear line that really strikes you?
Candice Swanepoel: There’s so many different styles! I think it’s more about what the woman wants out of this season, versus a certain trend. So, you figure out what kind of swimwear personality you are, and then look to see what you like. It’s all about choices–whether you want lots of colors or you don’t, whether you want to show more skin or cover up more…it’s really about what you want to show off.
Miranda Kerr:
What I love about Victoria’s Secret is they really have a swimsuit available for everyone…it doesn’t matter your size or your shape.They have designed swimsuits that can really flatter anyone. It’s just a matter of going in and trying them on!
Also, at the store, they have swimwear specialists that can help you with what colors are going to look good on your skin tone, and what’s great for your body shape. It’s all about figuring out what will make you look and feel the best.They have everything from cover-ups, to bikinis, shorts, you name it! Truly everything you could want for the beach!

Q: Do you have a favorite one?
Candice: I have so many favorite ones. I’m kind of like a swimwear hoarder! It’s terrible. But I love all the neon. I love the gorgeous bright yellow swimsuit. That looks amazing on!
Miranda: I like to mix it up. I love everything from a full piece to a bandeau, to a little triangle bikini.  I like boy shorts, halters and string bikinis, I love them all! I’m really loving the gray bikini and the neon right now, because it’s fun and it’s feminine and I think it’s quite fashionable as well. Why not embrace that feminine side?! When I go on trips, I like to have a like a variety of bikinis because, that way, you don’t get tan lines.  And I really do like wearing a full piece swimsuit, because I think it’s very sexy.

Q: Candice, you grew up in South Africa. Do you have a preference between dating South African or American men?!
Candice: I don’t know! I left South Africa when I was 15! I haven’t dated a lot of American men actually, I tend to stick to the South Americans. I like that passionate thing going on down there.

Q: How does your celebrity affect you in your day-to-day life?
Candice: I’m a very private person and kind of an introvert naturally. But sometimes, when I am in New York, people recognize me and it’s actually really nice because you see just such excitement on people’s faces and you’re like, ‘Really, are they getting happy about me right now?! Why!?’ Sometimes if I want to be quiet or I’m sad or something it’s a little different, but usually it’s nice.
Miranda: Well, I try not to let it affect me at all. I just try to live my life the best way that I know how, and just be the best person I could be. I don’t really think about it.
Q. Even having a husband who is an actor (Orlando Bloom) you can say that?
Miranda: Yes, I just be myself and that’s all that matters.
Q: How is your family, Miranda?
Miranda: Good. Amazing!
Q: How old is Flynn now?
Miranda: He is 14 months.


Q. Miranda, what would you like to do next in life?
Miranda: Oh, wow! There are so many things that I’m doing! I have the KORA Organics Skincare line – right now we ship from Australia to 180 countries. It’s a really successful brand, but I’m wanting to have it available in department stores throughout the world.  So it’s something that I’m working on at the moment, as well as making the website available in all languages.

Q: Candice, I read that your secret desire is to be a pop star! What’s on your top music playlist?
Candice: On my iPod is rock and electronic music. I’ve been listening to a lot of Gotye, some hip hop, The Roots, and old school reggae, like The Congos. And I am an American Idol fan! Can I just say two words!? Philip Phillips! Love him!
Miranda: I love everything. I like the band called The XX, as well as The Electrolytes. And Kings of Leon.

Q: What band would you like to see play the Victoria’s Secret fashion show?
Candice: You know, I’m so sad that I missed the Justin Timberlake year because that was amazing. It’s got to be someone sexy and someone that can like play with us, like a cool rock band. Justin Bieber in a couple of years maybe…
Miranda: The XX. I like the way they sing to each other, the man to the woman.

Q. Miranda, Earth Hour has just passed. Do you have any eco friendly tips for us?
Well, I have a lot of tips and I could be here for hours talking about them. But in general, I believe that if we all make small changes, then we can collectively make a big impact on the world. And just doing things like recycling, offsetting your miles, making sure you filled the dishwasher up before you put it on, having shorter showers, using energy efficient light bulbs all helps. It’s just the little things that we can all do, that can make a big difference. I’m not saying you have to live in a cave. But I think we can do the best we can, with what we have.

Q: You both look great in the bathing suit. Have any fitness tips for us?
Candice: It’s important to find something that you’re interested in and you can stay excited with. Even if you do 15 minutes, if you make it such a huge, daunting task in your mind, then you’re never going to get it done. So, go 15 minutes at the gym, do yoga at home, or just walk. Do something. And then you can slowly build and do more every day.
I started pilates with all these crazy machines, which I’m really enjoying. Because I’ve been doing the same workouts for so long, I need to change it up. It’s important to change your music playlist as well. I really love some hardcore electronic when I’m working out, like boxing. I think it’s great!
Miranda: I practice yoga and I think that has played a major role in keeping my body in shape. And since I’ve been pregnant, I’ve now focused more on pilates as my exercise, because I find that you can really target the specific muscles that you want to focus on, whether it’s lifting your butt or working on your core strength. And it’s really helped me with my back. So I definitely recommend pilates and yoga as much as possible.
But you know, you can try to do the best that you can, but don’t beat yourself up if sometimes you feel like eating some French fries! Just don’t eat them every day.

Q: If a guy met a Victoria’s Secret model, what dating advice would you offer?
Candice: Just be natural.I don’t like people that talk about what they have and try and get you that way. It chases me away automatically. So, just be witty and funny.
Miranda: Just be himself. I think that it’s really an important thing to be yourself, and not try and be something that you’re not.
Q: What’s in your beach bag when you go to the beach?
Candice: Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen of course, sometimes I have a tinted sunscreen if I feel like there’s some bags under my eyes or something, and I always have these badminton racquets.

Q. Do you have any home beauty tricks with items found in your pantry?
Candice: When I was a little girl, I used to mix up some serious masks with avocado or outmeal or eggs and put them on my friends for girls. And we used to put lemon juice in our hair to make it blonder and then sit in the sun!
Miranda: I do a cold cucumber mask. It’s really helpful, especially if you are feeling tired—you can just mash it up and put it on your face. Definitely revitalizing.

Q: What are your two spring beauty must-haves?
Candice: One of the cool things that Victoria’s Secret just came out with is this lip scrub. It has a balm on top, which is amazing because my lips are super dry right now! I always do scrubs when it’s coming up to spring and summer, because your skin is your biggest accessory. To have it shining and tan is great. And that’s why I love to go to the steam room too.

Q: Heels or flats for spring?
Candice: It depends where I am. I can’t give up the heels! And I love wedges.
Q: Do you have a favorite app?
Candice: Shazam.