Minka Kelly Sexually Harassed on ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Set

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Yes, Minka Kelly is charismatic, interesting, and beautiful, but that doesn’t mean you have free reign to manhandle her. Hands off, creeps.

Star is reporting that a crew member on the set of Minka’s show, Charlie’s Angels, didn’t behave very angelically.

The staffer “jokingly” approached Minka from behind, and slapped her on the booty while holding a $100 bill in his hand. Classy.

A source tells Star:

“It seems like it was meant to be a joke, but clearly it was inappropriate. Minka was shocked and absolutely irate,” the on-set source reveals. “She was still fuming about it hours later.”

When the crew member tried to apologize to Minka the next day, [Minka] slapped him in the face. Television executives had him removed from the production the next day, Star has learned.

“The whole set was buzzing about the incident,” the source dishes. “It was quite a scandal. One day he was there, and the next he was gone.”

This guy better watch out. Derek Jeter might sneak up on him, bat in hand.

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