Mila Kunis’ Sore Throat Remedy: Alcohol, Fish Oil, Vinegar

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Don’t tell your doctor about Mila Kunis‘ sore throat remedy. The actress was recently interviewed by Michael Idov for the GQ Men of the Year issue — in which she was named Knockout of the Year — and, during their session, suggested an odd concoction to soothe his hoarse throat.

First, Kunis boiled Cabernet Sauvignon. After adding green tea powder, fish oil, apple cider vinegar and Ayurvedic chai to the pot and tasting it, she decided the drink needed hard alcohol. “I have vodka and I have tequila,” she said to Idov. “What do you think kills germs better?”

Incidentally, Mila Kunis ended up deciding on Ketel One. Her final declaration was, “There. Healthy! This will kill everything.” Read the whole interview here — would you ever try this sore throat remedy?

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