Mickey Rourke Shares His 3 Movie Premiere VIPs

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Mickey Rourke Luke Evans Immortals

Despite Mickey Rourke‘s fame, the “Immortals” actor never forgets to give back to three people whom he credits with fixing his life: his psychiatrist, his mechanic and his dentist. These individuals always get invited to his movie premieres, but his psychiatrist gets full-on VIP treatment.

Rourke says it’s all about payback: “I did 13 years of therapy with [my psychiatrist]. He said he could fix me up. He said, ‘I can put you back together again, so it won’t be so scary to meet you.’ So we’ve been working on change. When I was flat broke for four or five years, he carried me to the tune of, like, $78,000 and he said to me, ‘I know one day you’ll pay me back.’”

What do you think about Mickey Rourke’s allegiance to his inner circle?

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