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Michael Phelps’ Charitable Post-Retirement Plans

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Michael Phelps

Most athletes want to go to Disneyland after a big win, but not Michael Phelps. He’s planning on saving the world.

Entering retirement at the ripe old age of 27, Phelps will center the next chapter of his life on The Michael Phelps Foundation. Formed in 2008, the foundation’s goal is to help create “healthy, active lives, especially for children, primarily by expanding the opportunities for participation in the sport of swimming.”

Phelps was initially able to establish the foundation after a generous $1 million bonus from the Speedo company, in honor of him winning eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics. According to Phelps, “I feel it’s only appropriate that I continue the momentum that Speedo helped to create by committing my bonus to the establishment of the Michael Phelps Foundation, which I hope will help me inspire others to achieve their dreams, and give back to the sport that has given me so much.”

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