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Michael Jackson Estate Makes Amends, Generates $475 Million

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Michael Jackson
When music and entertainment icon Michael Jackson died unexpectedly in June of 2009, his finances were in a chaotic state of disarray. Now, only three years later, Starpulse is reporting that the legend’s estate is well on its way to settling the half-billion-dollar debt the singer left behind.

It hasn’t been easy, but smart business choices and a very savvy (albeit very expensive) legal team have allowed the estate to make good on $475 million already, and they’re well on their way to settling the debt in full by the end of the year.

The last years of the singer’s life might have been clouded with scandal and massive amounts of debt, but it’s nice to see his memory respected by a cautious and strategic estate team who seem to have his children’s security in their best interest. No doubt about it, knowing his children will be well cared for would be music to Jackson’s ears.