Celebs.com Originals: Melissa George (“Mulholland Dr.” “Grey’s Anatomy”) Invokes the Muse for The Dignified Devil

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Our friends at The Dignified Devil, along with photographer/designer/painter Todd DiCiurcio, have lovingly shared Todd’s new images of actress Melissa George with Celebs.com. 

A friend of the Australian actress known best in the U.S. for her work “In Treatment,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “30 Days of Night” and “Amityville Horror,” DiCiurcio took these snaps as part of a musing on the concept of the mythical Muse, “A woman so rare, so captivating that her very presence inspires men to create art.” 

Inspirational. Indeed.


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Melissa George is Wearing:
KIKI DE MONTPARNASSE Bra & Lace Gloves; DAVID DALRYMPLE Dress; LA PERLA Thigh High Stockings; YSL Shoes
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