Mel Gibson Hosed in Divorce Settlement

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mel gibson

Mel Gibson won’t be celebrating the results of his divorce settlement this holiday season. The actor is officially divorced from his ex-wife Robyn after being married almost 30 years, but he’s given up half of his fortune for the luxury of bachelorhood.

Gibson’s fortune was estimated at $850 million in 2006, and because he didn’t have a prenuptial agreement with Robyn, she’s legally entitled to half of his assets and half of all future film residuals.

Robyn has already taken possession of two homes worth $22.5 million combined, according to People. Gibson’s divorce settlement may be the biggest in history when all is said and done: Michael Jordan, who currently has the lead, paid $168 million to his ex-wife Juanita as a part of their divorce settlement in 2006.

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