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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Sued Over Alleged Paparazzo Assault

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A paparazzo named Delbert Shaw is suing Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green, alleging that they assaulted him while they vacationed in Hualalai, Hawaii in December 2011.

E! Online got ahold of the court documents, and it looks like the trouble began when Shaw began snapping photos of Green and Fox on the beach. The swimsuit-clad couple started to verbally threaten and assault Shaw; Green got ahold of Shaw’s iPhone and threw it into the ocean before “using his fists to pummel [Shaw] in the face, tackling [him] to the ground, and using physical force” to wrest the photographer’s camera from his clutches.

Why has Fox been implicated in the suit? Shaw says that she “encouraged [Green] to continue his violent attack.”

Delbert Shaw wants compensation for the medical and incidental expenses he incurred for an unspecified total that E! reports is over $25,000. Do you think he has a case against Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green?

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