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Maya Rudolph and Danny McBride Pose for Awkward Family Photos in GQ (Photo Gallery)

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maya rudolph and danny mcbride awkward family photos

Maya Rudolph and Danny McBride might not be an actual couple, but the two sure can fake it as they proved in these awkward family photos for GQ magazine.

The pair took on the roles of parents in photos for six different families, all equally as awkward as the last. They posed with puppies, with a Christmas tree and with afros in the safari, all the while sporting cheesy matching outfits.

“With the child quotient, we were thinking we’d have to be on our best behavior,” Rudolph said of the photo shoot. “But then one of our daughters—cherubic face, 11 years old—started singing along to the filthiest, dirtiest southern rap.”

Check out Rudolph and McBride’s awkward family photos in the gallery below!


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